Is Sex Really Good For You? Discover The Truth Here

We often hear the phrase banded around that “sex is healthy”, but is it really? Will having sex so many times a week actually do you any good? Let’s have a look at some facts.

It has been proven by countless studies that sexual frustration in general is not entirely a psychological thing. Numerous researches approved this with findings that sexually active couples respond far better to stressful scenarios compared with others that avoid sex or do not have sex that often. Couples who have meaningful sex are typically found to be a lot more productive in all aspects of life. Furthermore, folks who are sexually active with just one partner are proven to have a more favourable, happier disposition in life as compared to those that have not been intimate in a long time.

Many experts likewise explain that regular sex with a significant other was associated with lesser diastolic blood pressure. There are much clinical problems wherein sex is found to have actually reduced or healed. This is due to the fact that endorphins are released during sex, the exact same endorphins that are accountable for alleviating pain in the body. Research studies additionally showed that migraines, arthritis discomfort and PMS syptoms can be reduced when oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is released naturally and surges when engaging in sexual activity or just curling up with your lover.

As for men, regular sex is known to reduce the risk of prostate cancer later on. For the ladies, some studies are now recommending that sex may lower the threat of breast cancer threat. So, by having regular sex, women are doing themselves a favour as well. Sex also boosts your levels of the antibody immuniglobin A (lgA). Making love one or two times a week boosts your lgA levels and can help you fight colds and infections combat horrible colds as well as infections.

So if you want to take something away from this article – don’t stop having sex – it’s incredibly good for you! Have fun!